Audiences I have Addressed Include

  • Ansley Grove Library
  • Bathurst-Clark Public Library
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Leadership Centre, Sales Conference
  • Chapters and Indigo Bookstores (Many presentations)
  • Chaverot Branch
  • Current Happenings
  • Georgina Public Libraries, Keswick Branch
  • Humber College, School of Business
  • Life Squared (Three times)
  • Markham Public Libraries
  • Markham University Women’s Club (Twice)
  • Mothers’ Break
  • Nature’s Emporium
  • North York Dowswers (Three Times)
  • Oak Ridges Retirement Community
  • One Parent Families, Newmarket Chapter
  • Ontario Chapter of The National Guild of Hypnotists (Three times)
  • Ontario Chapter of The International Graphoanalysis Society (Many times)
  • Parents Without Partners (Twice)
  • Saint Elizabeth Health Care – York Region
  • Seneca College, Newnham Campus, Human Resources Class (Twice)
  • Spirituelle Divas, Markham
  • The Academy of Learning
  • The Aurora Historical Society
  • The Business Women’s Networking Association, Newmarket Chapter
  • The Canadian Company of Pilgrims
  • The Canadian Direct Marketing Association
  • The Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization
  • The Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario, Annual Conference
  • The Maplehurst Education Centre
  • The Oak Ridges Public Library
  • The Oakville Rotary Club
  • The Richmond Hill Public Library (Five times)
  • The Richmond Hill Rotary Club (Twice)
  • The Thornhill Rotary Club
  • The Thornhill Newcomers Club
  • University of Waterloo, Co-operative Education and Career Services Dept.(Twice)
  • University Women’s Club
  • York Region Genealogical Society
  • York University, Human Resources Class

What the Audiences Have Said

“Peter’s presentation to Life Squared on Metaphysics was a great success. People of many cultures, beliefs and levels of understanding attended and each was able to walk away with new ideas, clearer insight or a greater understanding of metaphysics. Peter was engaging and authentic in his explanation, understanding and experiences over the past 30 years on the subject. I witnessed many “ah ha” moments and “light bulbs” amongst the audience who were eager and enthusiastic to share what they learned or how their personal feelings had been validated at the end of the night. From the purpose of everything to the soul and it’s journey to the law of attraction, there was something for everyone at every level. I highly recommend this presentation for anyone wanting to expand their consciousness and think outside the box!”

Initial research

Co-Creator and Facilitator of Life Squared .

“I took a bit of kidding before your presentation — “What was I up to this time?” However, afterwards, some my colleagues came up and thanked me for introducing them to you. You took what was probably one of the most difficult audiences and made them putty in your hands. Even the most grudging admitted that they found it fascinating. You were as they say, “the hit of the party.” My goal was to send everyone home in a positive frame of mind and you did it. It was a terrific way to end the conference!”

Barb Scollick

Executive Director of The Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce

“Metaphysics is not an easy topic to fit into an hour and half but you covered a lot of bases in a very concise, easy to follow manner. I thought the power point was a good idea, especially for those who may have been new to metaphysical concepts, the power point lent itself more to making a rather non-physical topic more physical and concrete. Handouts are a great idea as well. As a participant I like to be freed from writing notes to be fully present to listen but still have a recap of the discussion to take home and revisit at my leisure. I felt you delivered the topic in a open, informative, concise and knowledgeable manner with the confidence of a speaker who was well versed on the topic, great job.”

Ingrid Nazar

B.A.A., R.I.H.R, Holistic Psychotherapist, The Centre Above

“You helped me to clarify some major concepts.”

Ingrid Nazar

Personal Potential Coach and Spiritual Teacher

“It was great! I loved the list of the ways we can sabotage attracting what we want. I learned a lot, not only through the presentation but also from your delivery method and how you addressed comments and questions. Excellent. Thank you.”

Patricia Tiemann

Certifiied Consulting Hypnotist.

“Very Helpful in understanding the basics. I was not familiar with these concepts before. You are such a good, comprehensive, patient and knowledgeable speaker. Thank you. I felt I learned a lot tonight.”

Paula Lange

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

“I thought the presentation was very informative and I like how you answered the questions. It opened my awareness in regards to Metaphysics. Great presentation. Thank you.”

Dianna Guglietti

Office Manager and Reiki Practitioner

“The lecturer was calm, confident and very powerful in a quiet way and extremely knowledgeable. The material was all organized and presented in the best way possible! Very simple and comprehensive.
By far the best and most professional community lecture on the topic I have ever attended. So much research has gone into preparing this lecture. This man is a gem!”

Katherine Goodafzi

Registered Nurse

“Very well presented information! A lot of information, terms and concepts combined in a format that makes the presentation interesting and informative. I really liked the examples and analogies. Thank you. You have given me a lot to think about and perhaps explore further.”

Rita Marlon

Computer Scientist/Analyst

“Comprehensive and thought-provoking delivery of content of a complex subject.”

Camela D”Alessandro

Sr. Administrator

“I enjoyed the part about souls since I often wonder about souls and what happens to us when we leave this life. I also liked learning about energy and the different densities/dimensions.”

Nicole Rothwell


“You present in a calm and patient way. Your voice is kind, gentle and patient. You are well organized.”

Anita Keys

Reiki Master/Practitioner

“Well thought out. Raises questions that are key for everyone to examine for themselves as we evolve as a species”

Beverley Golden

Writer; Seeker; Curious Observer

“The instructor was very engaging. The talk was open and honest. We need to have more of these presentations.”

Dorothy Wolfram


“Well organized. Good balance between lecture and open questions. Thanks for having the courage and clarity to put this together.”

Lorraine Speer

Retired Teacher


“Clear voice. Room for not accepting or understanding. Handled questions well. It was great. Very well done. I would come to a talk you give again.”

Rita O’Connor

Program Assistant

“As I read through the notes I made that evening, I realized how much you had given us to think about, and I know that your book will add further knowledge. Your manner of presenting also added greatly to everything.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten our group on handwriting analysis. We have all enjoyed your talk and expertise on this very exciting and interesting topic.”

“Excellent! Very interesting. Great interaction with the audience. Wonderful discussion at the end.”

“Very interesting and refreshing. Something really different. Overall, very good and educating.”

“Excellent. Thank you.”

“A real attention getter.”

“Very well presented.”

“Best seminar yet — very interesting.”

“Fun and educational — you need to have at least one per conference.”

“One of the best sessions I’ve seen so far.”

“Interesting and thought provoking.”