Channeling is a process in which a non-human Being, such as an Extraterrestrial (ET) or a Light-Being (LB) sends a message telepathically to a Human. The Human then opens him/herself and allows this message to be processed though the brain, vocal cords and voice box, to express the message orally.

For this to happen, the Being must lower his/her vibration while the Human raises his/her’s so that the two vibrations can come into proximity and connect.

The ETs and LBs engage in this process in order to assist Humans through the transition from the third dimension of consciousness (3D) to the fourth (Enlightenment) and on to the fifth (Ascension). Their messages are love-based and they bring information and tools for healing, empowerment, spiritual growth and peace.

At this time, there are many off-planet Beings of the light who are interested in channeling through Humans. As well, there are many Humans who are here to help humanity through this ascension process and, increasingly, they are doing this through channeling.

My role is to work with individuals who want to become Channelers and with Channelers who wish to take their talents to the public. You can see more about this by clicking Here.

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