As a Channeling Facilitator, I work with two types of clients: Individuals who would like to become Channelers and individuals who are already Channelers.

For those who would like to become Channelers:

  • After an initial discussion, if the client wishes to proceed, I will hypnotize the client and then guide her/him in an attempt to make contact with a high-vibrational Being of the Light. This is almost always successful but contact is never guaranteed. For this first session, I charge $200.
  • If the client would then like a second session, my charge for that is also $200.
  • After these first two sessions, and once it is clear to me that I am working with a Channeler, I will provide an additional three sessions free of charge.
  • All five of these sessions will be recorded and the client will receive an mp3 copy of each recording.
  • Finally, if the client wishes to have additional channeling practice, I will add his/her name to a “Practice Buddies” list of other Channelers with whom they can practice. This list is growing and currently contains more than two dozen Channelers.

For those who are already Channelers:

  • I will be happy to meet with you and discuss various ways that you might use channeling, either for your own spiritual development or for taking your channeling to the public.
  • If after that meeting, we both agree, I will add you to my network of Channelers, where you can meet other Channelers, discuss and practice with them, and get some exposure on YouTube and on my Website.

For those who would like to channel for the public:

  • If a Channeler wishes to take this talent to the public, where she or he can earn money by offering one-on-one private sessions and/or events for audiences, I offer some services, free of charge, that will help them to do this. These services include:
  • A listing on my website’s Channelers page where the Channeler’s photo and contact information is displayed. If they have videos, up to three of them can also be displayed on this page. You can see examples Here.
  • A video interview of at least 30 minutes, where I interview the client and her/his Being(s). Here is an example.
  • Three, three-to-five-minute videos where the channeled Beings can speak on whatever subjects they and the client agree upon. Click Here to see an example.
  • The Channeler’s video interview and all three videos can be posted on my YouTube channel. You can see examples Here.

Public Events:

When Channelers plan public events, I can publicize these events, record them, distribute the recordings to the participants, manage the ticket sales and act as Moderator, making introductions and orchestrating the Q&A. For this service, my fee is one third of the profit.

The Channelers with whom I have worked (Over 80 to date) can pursue channeling in any of three ways:


For remuneration, the Channeler can offer one-on-one counseling sessions for individuals and/or presentations to groups. If you have qualms about charging money for these services, check what Source has to say about it by clincking Here.


A Channeler may have no interest in taking this ability to the public and may use it only privately, among a few close friends.


A Being may merge its consciousness with the Channeler’s so that when the Channeler speaks or writes, the choice of words, the fluidity of expression and the wisdom of the Channeler are all enhanced. In this form of channeling, others, and maybe even the Channeler, may have no idea that channeling is taking place.

If you’d like to contact a Channeler, listen to some of their recordings or see their videos, click Here.