Author: Peter Dennis, See Bio.

Publisher: CAPCO International

Print ISBN: 978-09698926-7-0

eBook ISBN: 978-09698926-8-7

Audiobook ISBN: 978-0-9950272-0-6

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Do you know exactly what Spirituality is? Do you know how spiritual you are and how your spirituality may be trending? Are you aware of anything that might be blocking your spiritual growth? Any ideas on how you can develop your spirituality? Is there any point in becoming more spiritual?

This book on spirituality answers these questions and it takes on many of life’s other big questions such as: Who are we? What is our purpose? What is the nature and purpose of the Creator? Some books on these subjects give us definitions and guidance for playing the game of life better. This book is a manual for graduating out of the game.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Understanding Spirituality

The Creator

Where we fit in

Souls and Oversouls

Energy and vibration

The densification of energy

The seven densities

Why we have to forget

The Third Density

The shift of December 12, 2012

The Ego

Summary, Part One

Conclusion, Part One

Part Two: Pursuing Spirituality

Is it necessary to pursue Spirituality?

How spiritual am I now?

What is holding my vibration down?

A. Subconscious Blockages

B. Limiting Beliefs

C. Stress

D. Other Influences

How Can I raise my Vibration?

A. Hypnosis

B. Meditation

C. Activations

D. Food

E. Water

F. Aroma Therapy

G. Acceptance

H. Thoughts

I. Other Vibration Raisers

J. The Law of Attraction

Summary, Part Two

Conclusion, Part Two



Karen Ashby   Karen_Tiny.jpgchannels The Pleiadians and, when I asked them about this book, they provided the following review   

Gail Scott SQ_GailScottBioPic_05_Tiny.jpg channels Alaster and they gave this review . 

Bonnie Black, Assistant Editor, Vitality Magazine, September 2015, page 66.

“…I appreciated the straightforward way that complex concepts and ideas are presented here, one such example being the section on The Densification of Energy. Other chapters, including Energy and Vibration, and the Law of Attraction also make for fascinating reading, the latter idea explained in relation to quantum physics in a way that is both easy to grasp and compelling. This so called manual’ on spirituality is the least dry, and most potentially uplifting, manual I’ve ever read…”

Dr. Paul Meschino, Network Chiropractor, Co-Author of “Breakthrough Secrets To Live Your Dreams”, and Public Speaker and founder of “Exploring The Mysteries Of Life with Dr. Paul Meschino”


“Through his no nonsense style, Peter Dennis gives a wealth of ways to enhance your personal and spiritual life. It is full of great suggestions, as well as professional and personal experience on ways to lift your spirit to higher levels, and monitor your progress doing it. Following his advice is one of the best things you can do for yourself!! Easy to read and easy to understand – it is a book anyone can pick up to understand and pursue spirituality.”

Dr. Paula Joyce, PHD, The Life Doctor


“…To have both a good conceptual and experiential grasp of Spirituality is unusual. Although it’s fashionable to talk about Spirituality, few people have a deep understanding of it. To my delight, Peter is one of those few. The first page of his book won me over and I continued to be impressed as I read more….”

Kelly Konstantopoulos

“The Book on Spirituality by Peter Dennis is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom simplified. If you don’t have time to read a lot of books on the subject of Spirituality and becoming more spiritual, this is the one book that will summarize it and explain it to you in an elegant and concise way. I liked it so much I read it at least twice, and I am an avid reader on the subject. I highly recommend this book, it definitely is worth reading.”

Billinda Pita, Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Recalibration Specialist

“Spirituality, Understanding It and Pursuing It lays a beautiful foundation for newcomers into spirituality. Peter has taken a subject that can be difficult to navigate and condensed it into simple sections that are thought provoking. Peter invites the readers to their own awareness and expansion through every day practical tools. This is definitely one of those books that you want to hold on to for reference and buy copies to share with others.”

Joan Girot, Health Librarian,  Richmond Hill Central Library


“Peter’s new book, Spirituality, Understanding It And Pursuing It delivers exactly what it promises in its title. Spirituality means different things to different people, but understanding the metaphysics behind it is an extremely complicated subject to explain. Peter is not only successful in helping us understand the concept of spirituality with his clear and evocative writing style, but makes us want to pursue a higher good for the benefit of all. I would highly recommend this book as a gift to yourself or to your loved ones. It will enhance your understanding of life and your place in it.”

Heather Skoll, Creative Director of LifeNotes Wisdom, Founder of We Can Change the World Day   


“Spirituality” by Peter Dennis captures a broad subject in a comprehensive yet simplified way. Peter’s straight forward writing style helped me as a reader grasp concepts and understand their synergy with each other. I have purchased multiple copies which I have been gifting to others. I highly recommend this book!

Deborah Hemsani, Translator and Founder of

“I enjoyed reading Spirituality: Understanding It and Pursuing It’. I found many essential questions I have always asked myself, whose answers are beautifully explained by Peter Dennis and backed by proper source research. Profound matters and made simple. It is a book to read over again many times and keep on discovering treasures in its meaning.”

Mark Pezzelato, Creative Contractor 


“I was able to read Peter Dennis’ book “Spirituality” in one evening. His writing is elegant and easy to understand. In his book he accurately touches upon interesting topics designed to expand the reader’s mind. It’s an interesting read that gives one a taste of each subject to understand better what’s out there in a world of endless possibilities.

Jane D’souza, Senior Real Estate Specialist


” I recently read Peter’s book on spirituality and found it very easy to understand. My questions about life’s purpose were answered through this book. This book is definitely a keeper. I am excited about trying out some of the hands on muscle testing techniques that have been illustrated in the book”.

Alex Karoli, Artistic Dorector of Shadowpath Theatre Productions and Programming Manager, York Region Festival Alliance


“Loving your book Peter. Loving the new perspective I’m having now. I’ve lent it to my father while I’m in Arizona. So thanks for sharing this!”

Daniel Cammalleri

“I just finished your book and it is a masterpiece! I really enjoyed it! Very intellectual!”

Stan Daneman, Author and Poet 


“Read the book, then read it again, and then again….allow the thoughts to seep in. Very well written and presented.”

Rose Cerullo, Holistic Energy Practitioner


“It’s surprising how, in such a small book, Peter Dennis takes big concepts and explains them simply and beautifully!”

Heidy Lawrence, Owner of We Make Books

“Spirituality: Understanding It and Pursuing It–Want to find out what Spirituality is? This book explains it in simple terms. It’s an amazing little book!”

Kristen Large, Health Coach, Author and Administrator of Soul Strength.

“Peter’s book has been a great tool for uncovering what Spirituality means to me. While Spirituality is a personal process, his insights have lead me to think outside my own box! “

Rachel Krueger, Forever a Student

“Peter Dennis’s book “Spirituality” gives you a very different perspective of what true spirituality is outside of the religious context. If you want to increase your awareness of what you don’t know, that you don’t know, this book could have a really positive impact on your life or if you want to experience more peace and ease about existence, embrace this piece of writing. Peter expressed some really deep concepts of true spirituality in a concise and understandable manner. His mind is big and his heart is big. This is your chance to tap into them. I believe a great teacher is a great student, and Peter is a great student.”


“I have recently read your book on Spirituality and found it to be an excellent reference book and will keep it as such on my bookshelf. I am in my seventies, and I have been interested in this subject for ages, starting off with yoga, reading authors such Edgar Cayce, Deepak Chopra, David R. Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, etc., and enrolling in TM in the 1980’s, which I still do twice a day. Your book, therefore, touches on much of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and adds to it; for example, the sections on food and water. I’ll close by saying many thanks for writing it; I’m glad to own it and I will continue to ‘accelerate my advancement towards Spirituality’ (as noted on the back cover of your book) in every way that I can.”

Randi-Mae Stanford-Leibold.


“I had the pleasure of reading Spirituality, Understanding It and Pursuing It by Peter Dennis. Every page is filled with knowledge and insight that refreshes the soul and reconnects you to divine truths. There are two messages that struck me which bear great importance: Our bodies are the vehicles in which we live while having this human experience’and ‘Love everything and everyone, as part of the whole as much as you can without conditions.’ His ability to condense complex spiritual concepts and make them intriguing, fluid and digestible is a reflection of the great spiritual teacher that he is.”

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