Author: Peter Dennis, See Bio .

Publisher: CAPCO International

Print ISBN: 978-0-9950272-4-4

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9950272-5-1

Audiobook ISBN: 978-0-9950272-6-8

There are three parts to this book. Part one explains what channeling is and describes in detail how Peter leads clients through the process of becoming channelers. The second part contains 20 profiles of channeled beings. These beings were channeled by channelers who Peter has worked with through the past several years. Part three outlines what Peter considers to be the top ten messages that these beings are sending to all of humanity at this time.

The beings featured in this book are: Andromedans, Angels, Anshars, Archangels, Arcturians, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Gaia, Hathors, Higher-Selves, Jesus, Pleiadians, Sirians, Soldier, Source, Spirit Guides, The Council of Elders, The Divine Realm, The Galactic Federation and The Guardians of Light. 


Joanne King, Retired Telecommunications Professional

“Whether you are enlightened, spiritual, religious, believe in ETs or none of the above you will find this book fascinating.  You need to keep an open mind since some of the information in this book goes far beyond humanity itself.  I have an interest in spirituality and am not a channeler nor religious. I believe something once I see it for myself and I have certainly experienced what Peter is talking about in this book first hand. I think this book will certainly change your perspective on reality and humanity, and that we are not alone. In my opinion it is a must read.” 

Elaine Charal, Speaker: ‘Power of the Pen: ‘Handwriting Analyst


“I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s new book, and highly recommend it to everyone who seeks comfort and assurance that there are loving beings around us who listen when we seek solace and advice in these very challenging times. I also recommend it to those who search for a greater understand­ing of channeling and also seek important keys to inner peace and self-love. Peter is a Master Writer-compelling and informative simultaneously. After I started to read, I didn’t want to put the book down, and am intending to re-read for pleasure and to refer to it often.” 

Veronika Zyss, Author

“Easy to read, like having a book described as Channelling 101 at your fingertips. The introduc­tion and content are very easy to follow for anyone who has not heard of or had prior exposure to channelling. This is a good read and well-presented for someone unfamiliar with the subject mat­ter. I’d recommend reading it with an open mind and enjoying the journey.” 

Elizabeth Fenwick, Reiki Practitioner and Former Credit Union Customer Service Rep.

Beth.jpg “I love this book !!  It is a fantastic read that was partly channeled by Ascended Masters, and other Beings and Groups such as The Divine Realm. All of them are now answering our questions through those who wish to channel. 

Peter H. Dennis (PHD), has written a profound, down to earth book entitled ‘The Channeling Connection: The Process The Beings and The Messages’, detailing Channeling and Spiritualism. He delivers all the pertinent information that he wants to convey in a concise and easy to under­stand manner. It is a jaw dropping, amazing and beautifully written book that leaves you excited to get to the next page, and I couldn’t put it down. It is an eye opening, life changing spiritual adventure and fascinating, thought-provoking experience. It is perfect for all whoare interested in becoming a channel or, who just want to learn about it from an expert channeling facilitator and a very knowledgeable teacher. This book is a must have for anyone’s library.” 

Crystal Burgess, RN BSCN

“This book is well written and easy to understand. Whether you are new to channeling or curious, this book is a great resource to help guide you through the process for a pleasant channeling experience. It’s amazing to know channeling can be done worldwide on platforms such as Zoom. The channeled messages shared are profound and hold powerful messages for humanity. I have enjoyed this gem of a book and you will too!” 

Rose Ford, Retired Project Manager 

“This book is chock-full of information that, while may feel familiar in certain aspects, provides surprising revelations and leaves the reader with a broader understanding and a desire to learn even more. The Channeling Connection: The process, the beings and the messages is a definite must read for anyone interested in achieving a higher spiritual perspective.” 

Cathy Reynolds, Calgary, AB, Retail Management & Professional Artist

Cathy_Cropped.jpeg “This book is well assembled with a simplistic review of the many realms that construct and inhabit this infinite Universe. The confirmation, once again, speaks to the heartbeat of our consciousness, beings or light-bodies almost all point to Love as the greatest cathedral for evolution of our planet and our spirits. A book to leave you with more questions than you had before you picked it up!”  

Cheryl Millett, Holistic Practitioner & Author “All Guts, All Glory”


“Whether you are a beginner to spiritual shares or other, Peter’s book shares many simple foundational learnings and information to chew on or ponder or relate to. I thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a book feeling the author had every intention to help raise awareness and consciousness. Go forth and enjoy this book. Make it so.”    

Genevieve Taeger, Best-Selling Author, Heal and Awaken The Goddess Within.


“This book was a great insight into the various Beings that come through to provide channeled teachings. What especially riveted me was the common theme of ascension and steering in the direction of positivity, despite the many challenges that have been occurring as of late. Peter has an excellent ability to be open-minded to receive a plethora of messages, and this, including many other features, I admire him for.” 

Terri Rainier, Spiritual Life Coach 


“Peter Dennis has a wonderful way of assisting others in their channeling journey. 

So many “beings” are interested in communicating their messages through humans.  Peter’s deliverance of the various “beings” messages and themes is “third eye”opening. Read the messages with a curious mind and allow your heart to resonate with higher frequencies.” 

Shirley Edwards, Facilitator – Boomers 4 a Better World


“After reading Peters first 2 books, I was blown away again, by the 3rd. Peters message resonates. And it’s so hopeful in these changing times.

Peter’s first 2 books were an awakening for me. His third pulls it all together with good news for us all. We are more than we know, we have more than we know in terms of support. We are not alone!

What a breath of fresh air in this stifling world. Thanks so much Peter!”   

Wendy Napolitano,  Quantum Healer  and Channeler.


“I had the honor of going through this process of being a channeler for Peter.   His methodology was sincere and he asked questions in an interview style.  Moreover, he took an investigative approach with his line of questioning.  This brought forth facts and details of the being as the channeler provided responses during the session.

As an avid reader, I recognized similarities to Delores Cannon’s books.  The prime difference is that she documented much of the back and forth of questions and responses; thankfully Peter summarizes the conversations so the reader will be  pleased to get to the details faster.  The book is a quick read, the channelers are fantastic and the beings responsible for providing answers are thoughtful and helpful!  

There is always a sense of sacredness and respect that is given as each interview is conducted with consideration of “all” participants, yes, including spirit and galactics!  I am blessed by being able to channel many beings whether from the divine, angelic, galactic or elemental realms, this book captures a bit of all of that so enjoy peeking into the world of channelers!”