Peter Dennis

Channeling Facilitator, Spirituality and Meditation Teacher, Author, Speaker and Podcaster.

Humanity is going through a major step in its evolution. It is moving from the third dimension of consciousness to the fourth and then quickly on to the fifth. This evolutionary step is referred to as ascension and lightworkers, starseeds and many off-planet beings are here to help.

My role is to help individuals advance through this process and I do this in three broad areas:

1. Channeling Facilitation

    • Identifying individuals who have the potential to channel and who are ready to channel.
    • Using hypnosis and other techniques, to help these individuals establish connections with Beings of the light.

2. Channeler Support

    • Helping Channelers strengthen and expand their channeling abilities through structured practice.
    • Assisting those Channelers who are interested in taking their talent to the public by:
      1. Assisting them with their Marketing plans.
      2. Helping them to create videos that promote their practices and dissem­inate their messages.
      3. Arranging individual and group practice events.
      4. Organizing and moderating some of their events.
      5. Referring potential clients to them.
    • Creating networks where Channelers can exchange ideas and collaborate with other Channelers.

3. Providing information to those who are spiritually awake or who are in the pro­cess of awakening. This can take the form of courses, talks, video record­ings, audio recordings, articles, books and channeling.