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What Is Meditation?
Meditation is a simple, natural, and effortless technique for achieving a state of deep relaxation while the mind remains alert. It is not about religion, philosophy, or contemplation. It is a reaction in the nervous system where, among other things, metabolism drops significantly and brain wave activity slows to the alpha state. Regular meditation has a cumulative effect and improves overall performance and well-being.

Who Can Meditate?
Adults, teenagers, and children can all learn to meditate. Meditation can benefit anyone interested in improving competence, happiness and quality of life.

Why Meditate?
Those who meditate on a regular basis report that many areas of their lives have improved. As well, science has demonstrated that meditation produces a great many benefits. Some of the areas in which gains are reported are:

Stress management -- Self-esteem -- Job performance -- Interpersonal relations -- Resistance to disease -- Creativity -- Academic performance -- Athletic performance -- Learning ability -- Cardiovascular efficiency -- Emotional stability -- Metabolic stability -- Nervous system efficiency -- Perceptual ability -- Sociability

Regular meditators also report decreases in the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescription drugs, as well as decreases in excessive weight, high blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, and depression.

Group Programs

  • A group program involves three, two-hour sessions (total 6 hours), spaced a week apart.
  • A group ranges in size from five to nine participants.
  • Participants will learn:
    • What Meditation is
    • What the benefits of Meditation can be
    • How to meditate using a variety of methods
    • Some principles of stress management
    • How the subconscious mind works
    • Goal setting and goal achieving
    • How to develop and use affirmations and visualization

  • Cost is $150 per participant.
  • Currently, I am not planning any group programs, but if a group (five to nine individuals) would like to learn to meditate, I would do my best to find a mutually convenient time to provide such a program. Just contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Individual Programs

On a few occasions, I found that individuals seeking hypnotherapy sessions were better able to make progress by learning to meditate. In these cases, they learned to meditate in two sessions. The first took about an hour and a half and the second was approximately an hour, about a week afterwards. These two sessions totalled two and a half hours and I charged $100 per hour. This service is available to those who would like a private one-on-one program for learning to meditate.

Sometimes, more than one but less than five individuals are looking for a course, so for two, hour and a half sessions (total 3 hours), here's how that works:

  • For two people, $250 each.
  • For three people, $200 each.
  • For four people, $175 each. 

Free Meditation Recordings    

Introduction_to_Meditation_Image_144_KB.jpg                              Guided_Meditation_Image_144_KB.jpg

The Introduction to Meditation recording explains:
  • What Meditation is
  • Why we might want to do it
  • How to do itWhat Meditation Is

The Ball of Light recording is a Guided Meditation that helps most people to experience what Meditation feels like.

If you would like to listen to either of these recordings, just click on its image. If you would like to own either or both of them, go ahead, and download and save one or both. Feel free to keep them and share them with anyone who you think would benefit. If you like one or both of these, or even if you don't, please click here and check out my books and the great reviews they have received. If you would like to own one or more of the books, hit the Buy Now button and follow the prompts.

Student Testimonials

"I have noticed that I can stay calm more often in stressful situations. I am also getting a 90% in Math and I attribute this to meditation because, in my entire life, the highest mark that I had ever received in Math was 60%."
Alicia Browne, High School Student

I had suffered from insomnia for so many years that I would say it was a chronic condition for me. After Peter's meditation course, I was able to put myself to sleep in less than a minute of meditation. It feels like it has been a life saver.
Charisse de Freitas, Public School Teacher

Practical, 'hands-on'. Extremely enjoyable. The only course I've really looked forward to attending in a long time. Thank you!
Lisa Tsakos
, B.A., R.C.N.P., R.H.N., Nutritionist

"Excellent information presented in an inclusive manner. Peter was open, thoughtful and would give enthusiastic historical information background."
Brigitte Sarich, Social Worker, CAMH.

This is an excellent way for professionals to relieve stress and tension.
Larry Salsberg, Chartered Accountant

Very well organized. Comfortable environment that was non-judgmental and allowed me to relax. Great resource materials. Openness to group questions. I wish it was a few more sessions. Many, many thanks!
Suzi Singer, B.Sc., R.H.N., R.N.C.P., Registered Nutritional Counselling Practitioner

I was impressed with the organization and format of each session. It was focused and well delivered. I found so many of the topics that were touched on to be extremely interesting. Thanks so much for this experience - it was informative and very enjoyable. Great Handouts.
Donna Clarke, Public School Teacher

I strongly recommend this meditation course to anyone interested in self-improvement. I have learned tools that have kept me more focused and effective in both my business and personal life.
Rod Johnson, Insurance Sales Representative

Peter's meditation course got me `hooked' on meditation. No longer is meditation something I feel I should be doing, it's an activity I look forward to all day, especially after the kids have gone to bed.
Monique Verpoort
, Parent

This introductory course in meditation provides you with the fundamentals necessary to improve the quality of both your business and personal life
Earl Rudolfo, Business Owner

This meditation course is fantastic. In a few short weeks I learned how to listen to my inner voice and accept it. Meditating is such a positive energizer. I feel more alive!!!
Sara J. Huels, Credit Manager

I am now calmer and do not react to negative stimuli as quickly, e.g. traffic, noise, children. My thinking is clearer when planning and dealing with objectives. I also have fewer cravings for sweets and snacks when under stress.
Marc Ruest, Human Resources Professional

This has definitely influenced my life and I very much want to have it as a part of my life. I have found that it is going to help me in areas that I had not anticipated, e.g. to let go and to not always try to control. The course was very well executed, in a relaxed manner.
Rosalind Cassidy, Science Teacher and Elite Athlete

I am better able to sleep, am more relaxed and am able to calm down faster when upset. I found the course very beneficial and meditation very easy to learn.
Eileen Cotter, Registered Nurse

I attribute commencing and following my jogging program largely to the meditation classes. The ability to use meditation techniques to internalize and then realize goals is a benefit that I will enjoy for a long time to come.
Luisa Rinaldo, Executive Assistant

"Calmness, more energy, patience. Helpful for professions dealing with many people, e.g. teachers, nurses, customer service people. I enjoyed the change of pace and relaxed atmosphere, and the open attitude of the other participants.
Diane Bevan Wilson, Seneca College, Professor, School of Business

"Increased sense of inner peace, reduction in tension, a great tool that I feel helps when I feel stress building. Very enjoyable course. The pace was relaxing and renewing. I liked the idea that goal setting can be part of meditation - a bonus for the time invested. Our students need this course
Karen Terry, Seneca College, Professor, School of Business

"A great half hour a day investment in good physical and mental health. Relieves stress and increases patience when practiced regularly. A good introduction to Meditation - What it is, how to do it, what it will and won t do for you.
Brian Cronin, Seneca College, Professor, School of Business

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