Advisor, Confidant and Certified Consulting Hypnotist; Channeling Facilitator, Metaphysician, Handwriting Analyst and Meditation Teacher; Author, Speaker and Podcaster.



The purpose of this practice is to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. This can be in relation to nearly anything, e.g. stress-reduction, career advancement, fitness, spirituality, relationships, athletics, health, etc. 

Drawing upon more than forty years of Human Resources Management experience, involving years of coaching, counseling and training, I can bring a unique combination of resources to bear upon setting and achieving goals. As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist I can apply Hypnosis to bring about major changes and to accelerate goal achievement.

Lately, there has been a definite shift in my clients' interest towards spiritual pursuits and Channeling. By spiritual I mean metaphysical, not religious. Clients with these interests want to discover insights, information, and advice from such sources as past lives, spirit guides, the woumb, deceased relatives, one's higher self and other high-vibrational Beings. Those interested in Channeling are usually interested in exploring whether or not they can become a conscious Channeler. For more information about the spiritual side of Hypnosis, please see the article on Hypnosis and Spirituality .  For those interested in Channeling please click Here .

Before any hypnosis happens, an in-take interview and discussion are held to determine whether or not hypnosis would be appropriate, and to inform the client about the nature of hypnosis and what can be realistically expected. If it is determined that hypnosis is appropriate, then an approach is discussed and agreed upon. In some cases, e.g. smoking cessation or weight management, if I determine that the client is not sufficiently motivated to make the change, we go no further. If we decide to go ahead with hypnosis, then one hypnosis session is held during this first visit. This first visit is usually an hour and a half and is then followed by one or more sessions of approximately one hour each.

The number of sessions will vary depending on the program as well as on each client's needs or wants. For example, smoking cessation is usually a three to six session program, depending on the severity of the habit, while exam anxiety might take one, two or three sessions.

My rate is $150 per hour, paid at the time of the consultation (cash, email transfer, personal cheque or credit card). There is a minimum fee of $150 per consultation; the first session is usually an hour and a half and therefore $225.
Consultations are held in my home office at 7 Ashdown Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario, or on Skype or Zoom.


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Client Testimonials


"Originally, I tried a hypnosis session out of pure curiosity for the experience. In my first hypnosis session with Peter I had very vividly recalled different periods in my life and some past lives while discovering the significance that they held to my present. What I learned, is that hypnosis is a very powerful tool which can be used to access events, people, dimensions, beliefs, your body and pretty much anything that you are open to experience. This allows the release of things which no longer serve us or to plant a seed of change subconsciously with comfort and ease to blossom the reality you'd like to be living in your daily conscious life. On some of my hypnosis journeys I have explored: self-worth, body image, career direction and ancient civilizations exploration. I highly recommend Peter as a consummate professional who can successfully assist you in navigating your subconscious levels to improve any area of life you desire."

Billinda Pita, Owner of Soulwaves Unlimited and Co-founder of Life.


"Going into the Hypnosis session, I had 2 specific questions for myself. While Peter took me into the deep recesses of my mind, I felt the nervousness in my body dissipate. As Peter took me through certain memories, it became apparent to me through the visualization techniques, that my questions were being answered. After the session was over, I had a clear and concise focus of the path I was embarking on. Faith, Trust and understanding played an instrumental role in the outcome. I would highly recommend Peter for anyone who is interested in connecting with their divine intellect. I look forward to working with him in the near future."

Kristen Large, Intrinsic Writer/Fitness enthusiast Christen.jpg


"Over three years ago I was in a serious car accident which I believe was an act of divine intervention, pushing me to grow and heal in ways unimaginable to me at the time. Today I am grateful for that accident as I recognize that I would not be where I am today had it not happened. It put me on a path of discovering my life's purpose. I came to Peter to gain clarity on the direction of my life and to work through possible underlying beliefs that were holding me back from expressing myself freely without fear of what others think. Peter's technique felt very natural. I was relaxed and peaceful during the hypnosis and truly felt my body relax in a deep way. The guided steps through visualization were clear and quite beautiful to experience. I connected with a confusing childhood memory but Peter carefully guided me through it with sensitivity and ease allowing me to dissipate any negative feelings I had surrounding that memory. I was also able to interact with two spirit guides who helped me to gain the clarity I was searching for. Their words of wisdom penetrated me and empowered me. I had such a confidence in myself that the following day I met with a client with a renewed energy. I felt it, as did my client. She told me at the end of our meeting that she was speechless and was truly inspired by me. She shared that my passion for what I was doing was contagious and was so intrigued to learn more. I am so grateful for Peter's expertise and knowledge."

Tammy Rinella, Physical Education Teacher and Health & Wellness Business Owner


"I consulted with Peter in resolving the issue of anxiety and lack of focus I was having with regards to writing exams. I am an Information Technology Professional, who requires updating and upgrading my credentials quite frequently, and had come to a roadblock with a particular exam due to its challenging material and grueling structure. I had written the exam in the past a few times without success even though I was quite familiar with the material and knew that it was a result of my anxiety and the inability to focus through the lengthy 5 hour exam. Through hypnosis Peter helped me to alleviate the stress, anxiety and lack of focus, which helped me in writing the exam with a clear mind and in a more relaxed state. I was successful in passing my exam and know for a fact that seeing Peter was key to assisting me through the mental preparation for the exam. Peter was very detailed and meticulous in identifying the source of my anxiety and through hypnosis literally removed it from existence! I noticed a transformation after 1 session and haven't experienced the gut wrenching anxiety since, which has plagued me for years and that I've learned to live with and was accustom to. As a result of Peter identifying the source of my anxiety and eliminating it, I not only conquered the exam, but also now find myself more vocal in meetings and more confident in conveying information to my colleagues and clients. Thanks again Peter for all your help, your patience advice and professionalism has really changed my life for the better!"

S.P. , Information Technology Professional


"Peter Dennis is a kind and gentle soul who is very professional, learned and skilled at what he does. He guided me through a hypnosis session with ease and expertise. He answered and taught me much about hypnosis and meditation. Qualities I love most about Peter is his ease, calmness and humility. He is a natural teacher and counsellor, and more importantly, an awesome and humble human being who loves to give and share with others and is not afraid to say 'I don't know.' when he doesn't. That alone wins my respect for him. Thank you for being you, Peter."

At a later date, Rachel wrote: " Peter helped me to be calm, relaxed and confident in preparing for two employment interviews. During my deep state of relaxation, I was very receptive to Peter's suggestions, which re-programmed my mind, eliminating debilitating beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs about myself.  Too many of us grow up with inaccurate views of who we are that bring more harm than good. Hypnosis can change these views and allow us to create new possibilities and enrich our lives. Thank you, Peter, for enriching me and others through hypnosis."

Rachel Krueger, Business Owner


"Peter is hands-down an extremely gifted Hypnotist! I had certain falsely preconceived notions about hypnotism and believed it would make me relive my frustrations, if I were to sort them. In fact, I was ready with my box of Kleenex! But instead, Peter's kind and gentle voice calmed my racing thoughts and took me on a journey of healing beyond imagination! Not only did I release relationship-disharmonies that had been chipping away at my happiness for last 15 years, but I also, connected with my Spiritual Guide who helped me experience profound Divine Love. The best part is that the results are instantaneous and long lasting! The gratitude I feel for Peter goes beyond words and I would whole heartedly encourage all my dear ones to seek Peter's truly transformational expertise. With a heart full of Gratitude, I wish you many successes Peter!"

Mahima Kumar, Practitioner Reiki & Medical Qi Gong


"What an *incredible* cerebral adventure! Being hypnotized by Peter for the first time was like being calmly lead and directed through a massive warehouse that was my mind. I felt a wonderful sense of immeasurable deep calm and relaxation. My mind was free to delve into unexplored depths with Peter's direction. I felt completely safe to respond and so, with Peter's help, discovered profound answers that I was seeking.

I caught glimpses of spirit guides which eased feelings of loneliness. I re-lived past-life deathbeds without fear or emotion, and recalled their life-lessons to help in my current reality. We explored my early childhood and discovered fear-stemming experiences that Peter was able to rationalize me through and help to diffuse. We even discovered my earliest infant memory, and found it to be the root of a lifetime of abandonment-based emotional blocks.

I felt amazingly relieved, empowered, freed and energized by this mind-comforting experience! I look forward to pursuing further sessions with Peter; to continue bringing enlightened order to my fear-based thoughts. I have highly recommended him to friends already. His skills help - and heal."

Alyse White, Interior Designer


"My one hypnosis session with Peter opened some doors for me and closed some as well. I was able to open my mind to the idea that some of the "odd" emotional reactions I had to seeing certain people in real life may have something to do with a past life experience. On the other hand, I am now able to close the door on relationship anxieties that persisted from the sense of loss I have carried with me; another possible carry over from an alternate life. In both instances, my hypnosis experience led to a much more relaxed approach towards things that had previously caused emotional strife. Peter, thank you sincerely and I hope to meet with you again one day."

C. Pumo, Pharmacist, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


"I am feeling really good since our last session. I have this joy inside me and I feel great. I can focus, I can remember things and I feel I have energy. I am happy all the time. I am joking and laughing with people at work. I feel calm when everyone is stressed out around me. I am not letting all the b.s. bother me."

Connie So, Library Technician


"I first experienced hypnosis with Peter for assistance with studying. Returning to study at the Masters level was leaving me feeling overwhelmed with what was required. My sessions with Peter have left me with a feeling of calmness toward my study that was absent before. My concentration is better, along with my ability to digest and disseminate information. Further into hypnosis sessions, we began to explore subjects of a more spiritual nature. The information I received during these sessions was of enormous comfort to me under Peter's gentle and thoughtful guidance. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone wanting to improve practical matters in their lives, and for anyone wishing to explore matters for spiritual growth."

Kara Blackburn, Registered Nurse/Midwife, Brisbane, Australia


"With just one session with Peter, I was able to break through years of blocks that were holding me back. I was empowered to seek out the answers within myself. He listened very carefully and patiently to my story, never rushing me along. But rather, he asked the right questions at the right time and with his insight and sensitivity, he was able to guide me carefully to gaining the answers by myself. Peter is very kind, thorough and does his best to leave no stone unturned. I left feeling very satisfied and excited at my new-found ability and confidence in myself. Thanks Peter!"

Manisha Melwani, Owner of Lifeworks, Richmond Hill, Ontario


"Hypno - wow! It's like Peter was able to transcend time and space to take a closer look at what makes me tick. He was able to work through all of the "ego" voices that I had built up over the years and break through to my authentic self - to the little voice that resides deep within that I have been drowning out with the screams of "I can't" and "I shouldn't" and "I'm stupid". The paths that he so skillfully lead me down brought me to many realizations about myself, my fears and my doubts. Through these realizations he was able to search more deeply and find solutions and answers to help me on my way. He was also able to provide me with tools that I can use in my own time to bring me back to "enlightened" moments and pull me out of my "funks." I feel extremely blessed to have been introduced to the skillful practice of Peter Dennis - truly life changing. No words can express my gratitude, but I'll give it a go anyhow - "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! " Namaste"

Eva James, Actor/Writer/Teacher


"I consider myself to be a tough subject and resistant to Hypnosis. I tried it many years ago with a couple different therapists and left frustrated, still feeling stuck and unable to access the source of my dilemmas at the time. I so desperately wanted to remove any blocks and release whatever it was that was stopping me from moving forward in life or causing me to sabotage myself. I am blessed and grateful to have crossed paths with Peter Dennis and work with him to help resolve my issues and free myself of a heaviness that has plagued me for many years. My sessions with Peter were on a random, as needed basis and proved to be extremely beneficial. I left feeling lighter with a new lease on life. With Peter's warm and caring guidance, I felt completely safe and comfortable to let go and allow my healing to take place. Soon after, many other circumstances in my life began to get amazingly better. I highly recommend Peter's expertise to assist with any issue related to personal or business as I know that hypnotherapy is one of the fastest ways to get to core issues, release old patterns, and create healthy new ones. My gratitude goes beyond for Peter's intuitive divine guidance."

Lauri Taylor, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Richmond Hill, Ontario


"In two short meetings with Peter I was able to quit smoking. A smoker for over 20 years, I anticipated it to be a frustrating, painful and very difficult decision and process to quit. Peter was able to help me quit, using no medical aids and going through no drastic mood swings - and I did consult the people I work most closely with to find that information out. In short it has been a total success and I feel better and healthier than I have in years. You owe it to yourself to at least try and meet with him as he is a miracle worker in my life."

Alison Evans, Retail Store Manager, Richmond Hill


"Dear Peter, It took some time for me to write this note as I did not know where to start. However, I feel it would be right to start with you. Thanks for being you. Your warmth, generosity and encouragement ignited my self confidence to venture into the "unknown". My experience was truly out of this world and will have a positive and lasting effect on me. You have stirred the true "me", awaken again and left me feeling that I am made up of everything that is good and self commitment to re-create Sara. I am very grateful for your kind generosity and you have left me feeling that there are good people in this world... thanks for being one of them." Sincerely,

Sara Rosenberg


"I went to see Peter with the thought of modifying a habit that I felt was actually sabotaging my business and me. His kind, gentle and trusting manner helped me to let go and experience a state of relaxation that I had not thought possible and that is where, together, we found the root cause of the habit that we are trying to change."

Kathleen Bernardi, RDH


"I went to Peter seeking help for a number of issues including difficulty in sleeping. Peter was able to make sense of my "ramblings" and identify the sources of my difficulties. He was able to offer helpful suggestions to me while I was in hypnosis. I left my sessions with Peter feeling calm and at peace, better able to face the challenges of my day-to-day life. Peter is an attentive listener, who can quickly put you at ease, identify the root of the problem, and offer positive suggestions. "

J. Dickie, Office Administrator.


"Hypnosis has always been an enigma for me. Peter Dennis was patient about explaining the process and discussing my expectations, and as a result I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. I was actually surprised how easily and expertly Peter guided me into (and out of) hypnosis. I was equally surprised by how gentle my adventure was even though I made some unusual personal discoveries. After each of my several sessions, I felt overwhelmingly peaceful. Hypnosis is an intriguing and beneficial experience that I believe everyone should try. And, Peter Dennis is undoubtedly a genuine and talented practitioner who I highly recommend."

Carmen Kirschling, Human Resources Professional (Retired)


"I have had a number of Hypnotherapy Sessions with Peter Dennis. The areas I needed to explore dealt with a difficulty saying no', and other issues related to sales call reluctance. Peter's professional manner and extensive knowledge put me immediately at ease; I immediately felt comfortable and trusted Peter and the hypnosis process. His voice is very calming and it had the resultant hypnotic effect' on me necessary for the sessions. I felt a significant shift for the positive in relation to saying no' after Peter's sessions. Also, as a result of Peter's sessions, I'm making my sales calls with a positive attitude and a renewed sense of determination. I would highly recommend Peter as a Consulting Hypnotist. "

Elaine Charal, Handwriting Analyst, Keynote Speaker, and Entertainer Elaine_Photo.png


"Peter provides an environment of trust where hypnosis becomes beneficial to the individual. He is open minded to ideas that arise and encourages the personal interpretation of those inspirations to promote emotional, spiritual and physical well-being."

Amanda Iacovetta, Chartered Accountant and Professional Singer.


"For years I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight, and although I realize that means making the right choices, that has not always been what I did. Hypnotherapy under Peter's direction has been invaluable in addressing my behaviours. He is thorough and his sessions very comfortable. Peter helped me identify a specific behaviour which may be sabotaging my efforts, and we examined it together. The atmosphere is open and trusting. Following the hypnotherapy sessions I feel stronger. I have become more confident, much less vulnerable to cravings, and able to handle food temptations that come my way. This has translated to weight loss, and I feel healthier. I have maintained the weight loss, and am confident I will continue to do so."

Angie Joyce, Law Clerk.


"Peter is very thorough and professional. He works his absolute best to make sure you are comfortable and understand exactly what is unfolding. Peter loves what he does and I would recommend him to anyone"

Mark Pezzelato, Creative Contractor Mark2.jpg


"Before meeting with Peter I was skeptical about hypnosis and had a lot of misconceptions about it. Peter changed all of that in just a few sessions. I had been feeling down for quite some time, but couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was that was bothering me. Peter was patient and asked questions of me that I hadn't ever thought to ask myself. Through our sessions he helped me to understand and accept that things are sometimes out of my control and to not blame or beat myself up for certain outcomes. Peter gave me a sense of calm and lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. His professionalism and concern for my well being created a safe atmosphere and allowed me to be open to hypnosis and benefit from it. "

A.K., Lawyer


"I wanted to eat healthy. Despite my rational thinking, I couldn't get myself to consistently change my eating habits. After just a few hypnosis sessions with Peter, I no longer struggle with avoiding all types of processed foods. Talking me through some visualizations, Peter had me become very relaxed, and then suggested my wish to eat healthy. It was that simple. Oh, do I feel better, physically, and at being in control."

Marj Andre,


"I was already aware of my own "Power" but the hurdle came with "owing it" and how to handle it. Peter's immense and diverse knowledge helped me to fill in some of the gaps in my understanding, and in hypnosis, I was able to get a clearer picture of what "owning my Power" felt like. It has greatly reduced my fear around this and I am on my way. Much gratitude and many blessings Peter. Love."

Yvonne, Richmond Hill

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