Anne Morse and The Transeekers are Returning to Richmond Hill


Presented by Peter Dennis  

Anne Morse is a channeler who has been connecting with The Transeekers (non-physical entities) for over 30 years. On October 29th, Anne and The Transeekers will be in Richmond Hill to bring us information and messages that are important to understanding, enhancing and enjoying our lives. 

During this event, most, but likely not all, attendees will be able to ask The Transeekers a question. The order of questions will be determined by a draw. Questions can be about whatever you wish, e.g. personal health, life purpose, past lives, relationships, the Law of Attraction, souls, the 2012 shift, Extraterrestrials, etc.

An MP3 recording of the evening will be made available to all attendees. 

Find out more about Anne and The Transeekers at:

Sunday, October 29, 2017              7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts (CATA), 120 Newkirk Drive,

Unit 12, Richmond Hill, L4C 9S7 

$35 (No HST or other fees) 

Last year, 50 seats were filled, this year 40 are available.

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For more information, contact Peter Dennis at: