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Energy Healing


Reconnective Healing, Reiki (Level 2) and Touch for Health (Level 4) are three healing modalities in which I have been trained. These modalities can all relieve pain and can give a client more energy and strength to deal with symptoms. To effect a complete and permanent healing, however, the root cause must be identified and appropriately dealt with. If not, the ailment will return.

Getting to the root cause of an ailment can come about either through Hypnosis, the intuition of the Healer or the innate knowledge of the Client. As an experienced Hypnotist, I can often tap the unconscious mind to find the cause and, sometimes, having had years of experience, I can get intuitive flashes that point to the cause.

It seems that dis-ease begins when there is something uneasy in the mind. If it festers long enough, it will move to the emotions, where we will feel anger, sadness, regret, etc. From there, if it continues to build, it will ultimately manifest in the body and that original un-ease becomes a dis-ease. 

To illustrate, tendonitis in the outer forearm involves a gripping muscle and could be caused by a letting go issue. A leg injury might signal running away from something. A hearing problem might result from not wanting to listen to something. If something is "eating at you enough" it could result in cancer.


"My body and I are most grateful to you. I have not experienced the grinding pain in my hips and knees since the July treatments. In the early part of the summer, I had to take stairs one at a time. I was worried that if my mobility was compromised already and that further deterioration would follow. Now that worry has been removed as I run up and down stairs easily. Thank you, Peter, for the energy that you sent to those areas!"
Barb Scollick, Association Executive Director

"I went to Peter for a couple of sessions of Reconnective Healing. I came out of those sessions with a feeling of energy and inner calmness. Prior I had been feeling sluggish so for me that extra boost of energy meant I can get more things done in my day and not put it off due to lack of energy. I also get easily excited when I am under pressure and these sessions certainly helped me keep calm under some very stressful situations lately. In the past I would not have handled it as well as I did and I am thankful to Peter for introducing Reconnective Healing to me."
Anna Tassopoulos, Homemaker

"Just reporting that I floated back to the city, however, aware of my surroundings. The relaxed sensation that I experienced during the healing session stayed with me during the evening and I still feel quite relaxed. Slept well and woke at 6:30 which is a sign that I slept soundly. My neck area feels looser than usual...greater range of motion. Good thing, for sure. Thanks so much for was a positive, novel experience." 
C. Warnock, Librarian

"In my experience I found that the reconnection technique did just that... I felt more connected to myself in more of an emotional, spiritual way. More connected to the essence of what makes me tick - I had been stuck at a crossroads for a long period of time. I found that after Reconnective Healing I was able to make decisions about what direction to take and move forward. It was the catalyst of a watershed that has catapulted me forward into a whole new phase of my life - I'm happier and more on purpose." 
Sheryl Gill, Health Advocate & Speaker

"Before I came to the first healing session, I'd been dealing with a very persistent sinus infection. None of the homeopathic remedies seemed to take. In the morning of the third day after that healing, I was relieved to feel a total recovery from the infection, and I felt such a surge of positive energy. It was so encouraging." 
A few weeks later..."Well, the sinus is back to normal. I have to do a sinus wash every now and then to keep things clear. Which tells me that the healing did clear up the congestion, but not the immune issue causing the infections, which I'm still working on." 
Christl R., Consultant


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