Advisor, Confidant and Certified Consulting Hypnotist; Channeling Facilitator, Metaphysician, Handwriting Analyst and Meditation Teacher; Author, Speaker and Podcaster.


As a Channeling Facilitator, I work with individuals who have an interest in becoming a Channeler. After some initial discussion, we see how well the client takes to hypnosis and then see if contact can be made with a high-vibrational Being. If contact is made, we then engage in a number of practice sessions until the individual is able to channel without any further assistance from me. This usually involves one initial, hour and a half session followed by another six to eight, weekly, one hour sessions. The total number of sessions depends on the strength of the connection and the interests of the client.  Later, if the client wishes, I can help with public events by recording them and by acting as a host or M.C. 

I charge my regular fee for the first two sessions only. After that, subsequent sessions are free of charge.

It appears that, at this time, there are many Beings who who are interested in channeling through Humans. The channelled Beings are here to help us through a transition to a higher realm of consciousness. Their messages are love-based and they bring information and tools for healing, empowerment and peace. 
The Channelers with whom I have worked (21 as of July, 2020), after some amount of practice, can pursue channeling in any or all of three general ways:
  1. The Channeler can alter his/her state of awareness, make contact, and the Being will then come through and speak directly to a client or to members of an audience. 
  2. A Channeler may have no interest in taking this abilty to the public and may use it only privately among a few close friends.
  3. A Being may merge its consciousness with the Channeler's and, when the Channeler speaks or writes, the choice of words, the fluidity and the wisdom of the Channeler is enhanced. This is something that many of us experience momentarily when thoughts seem to come from nowhere and surprise us with their brilliance. In this form of channeling, others, and maybe even the Channeler, likely have no idea that channeling is taking place.
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     What is Channeling?    Channeling Book 
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As I stated above, channeling can be taken to the public in the form of private counciling sessions and in public group events. The Channelers featured in the following podcasts have chosen to "go public" and you can get a feel for what they are doing if you click on a name or photo and listen or download a recording. Each Channeler's contact information is at the end of their respective podcast.


  Karen_Tiny.jpg  Karen Ashby and The Pleiadians, September 30, 2018, 13:44 Mins.  

  SQ_GailScottBioPic_05_Tiny.jpg  Gail Scott and Alaster, October 10, 2018, 16:53 Mins. 

  Tiffany_Tiny.jpg  Tiffany Tin  and the Sons of Saturn, October 15, 2018, 16:51 Mins.  

   Keda_Tiny.jpg  Keda Edwards Pierre and Naeyla, June 6, 2019, 16:30 Mins. 

  Colleen.JPG   Colleen Bradely and Apatite, October 14, 2019, 17:13

   Tinas_Picture.jpg      Tina McPhee and Canadra, March 30, 2020, 18:44

    Michlynn_Square.png      Michlynn Walton and Fiona , May 18, 2020, 19:57

    lisa_virtue_headshot.jpeg     Lisa Virtue and Apollo , May 27, 2020, 19:58

     Monicas_Photo_Cropped_and_Downsized_4.jpg     Monica Dumont and Ascended Master Jesus,  August 16, 2020, 19:44

To get a further impression of what these Channelers are doing, you can see some of their videos by clicking on the subjects. Again, contact information is at the end of each video.

SQ_GailScottBioPic_05_Tiny.jpg  Gail Scott and Alaster:

Tiffany_Tiny.jpg  Tiffany Tin and The Sons of Saturn:

Keda_Tiny.jpg  Keda Edwards Pierre and Naeyla: 

  Colleen.JPG   Colleen Bradley and Apatite:
  Michlynn_Square.png  Michlynn Walton and Fiona:
  lisa_virtue_headshot.jpeg  Lisa Virtue and Spirit:
  Monicas_Photo_Cropped.jpg  Monica Dumont and Ascended Masters:

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