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You can purchase these eBooks from many different bookstores. Below are three of the more popular ones. To buy one or more, just click on the bookstore logo of your choice.  
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To buy these audiobooks, click on one of the bookstore logos below. 
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  • Paperback versions of these four books are available from me for $15.00 each if you can catch me in person. This is slightly more than a 20% discount fron the retail price of $18.95.
  • You can also buy these books from Amazon.
  • If your local bookstore doesn't have them in stock, it can order them from my didtributor Quanta at 416-410-9411.
  • If you buy five or more of these books directly from me, the price is $10.00 each and, if you buy 10 or more, the price is $7,50 each. This is a way in which practitioners or retailers can buy from me at a substantail discount and then sell to their clients or customers for a significant profit (actually, greater than mine). 
  • For charity fundraising events, where gift or swag bags are used, I can sometimes donate these books in quantity (sometimes up to 300) if I can get an income tax receipt for the full retail price of $18.95. 

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