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Author: Peter DennisSee Bio.

Publisher: CAPCO International

Print ISBN: 978-0-9950272-1-3

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9950272-2-0

  Audiobook ISBN: 978-0-9950272-3-7


While in hypnosis with Peter, five women began to chan­nel. How it happened, what their reactions were to it and how channeling works make up the first part of this book.

The book also reveals that, as Planet Earth and the humans upon her, are in the process of making a major shift in consciousness, many Extraterrestrial Beings are here to help us understand what is happening and to help us make this transition as smoothly as possible.

This book provides an intro­duction to Spirituality and it gives readers a new way of looking at what they thought was reality.

Table of Contents

Preface       ix

Acknowledgments  xiii

Introduction     1

Part One - Hypnosis    7

1. How this all started     7

2. A little about me   16

Part Two - Concepts  21

1. Everything is energy  21

2. Why we are here   24

3. Oversouls and Higher-Selves  32

4. Spirit Guides   33

Part Three - Channeling  37

Part Four - Consciousness  49

1. Consciousness described  49

2. Consciousness inhibitors  60

3. Consciousness Expanders  74

Conclusion  109

Bibliography  111

Important Note: This book is not yet available for sale. I expect that it will be by the end of April, 2019 and I will then activate the links to where it may be purchased.

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